A community of tiny change makers, working together to help young minds feel better.

Make Tiny Changes Month 2024.

Whether you want to make a change yourself, spread the word, donate or fundraise, together we can each start our own ripple effect. Join in from anywhere in the world, and choose a tiny change that will make you feel good.

The ripple effect starts with you…

Scotland's first national youth mental health charity.

We’re Tiny Changes – a small team based in Edinburgh and Glasgow, supporting young leaders to run innovative youth mental health projects in their communities. We have 14 active projects across Scotland.

Building a community.

We are building a community of tiny change makers. People from all walks of life, young and old, with a shared goal to transform young people’s mental health in Scotland.

We are joining together to share stories, ideas and hopes for a better future. As a collective community we are strong.

Give us your time and your money if you can afford it. Give us your likes and shares. No matter how you contribute, with your support we can create real positive change for young people.

Raising voices.

We listen to the views and experiences of young people to influence our learning. We raise our collective voices to improve understanding of young people’s mental health, reduce stigma and discrimination and to inform people in power to deliver long-lasting change.

We collaborate with people and organisations who share our goals. We can’t do this alone. Every voice matters and standing together makes us louder.

There is so much positive energy in all of you and we want spread that hope through our work. Join our conversation today.

Inspiring change.

We raise money to fund ideas that make young people feel better. Ideas that change attitudes, deepen understanding or provide much-needed support to young people in communities all over Scotland.

If you’re a person or organisation looking for funding; be it research, raising awareness or providing direct help to young people and their support networks, we’d love to hear from you. If you want to test something new in these areas, tell us how we can help. We are also piloting our own grants programme, funding small projects starting in the Scottish Borders.

We want to be the spark that helps turn your idea into something amazing. We would love to support you in any way we can so get in touch or apply to our Make Tiny Changes Fund today.

Together, we’ll make tiny changes to earth.

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