Youth-led innovation helps young minds feel better.

We give young leaders everything they need to make a difference.

We believe that Scotland’s young people deserve great mental health, and we believe in their insight and innovation to make this possible. We exist to harness and nurture the talent of young people to find solutions that work for them.

Over 3 years, we supported over 4,000 children and young people via small grants to both organisations and individual young leaders. We’re no longer a grant maker. We’re working with young leaders to design innovative mental health projects in their communities.

First we're evaluating our impact.

Next we'll identify potential young leaders.

Then we'll help turn their project ideas into reality.

In early 2024, they'll pilot these new projects.

Project participants will get mental health support.

Society will be inspired and motivated to change.

If you agree that investing in children and young people's mental health is more important than ever, we'd love your support. We need people like you.

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