Small ideas with big impact

We want to help young minds feel better.

And we can only do that with your help. If you have an idea connected to the impact of the cost of living crisis on young people’s mental health, we’d like to hear it.

We invest in new and existing projects. We fund research and support innovation that will improve young people’s mental health across Scotland.

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What is the Make Tiny Changes Fund?

The Make Tiny Changes Fund is our national small grants programme that supports innovative ideas with up to £10,000. The fund is open to everyone, including individuals. We particularly encourage young people under 30 to apply. Funded projects will make tiny changes towards improved mental health for young people in Scotland, within the context of the current cost of living crisis.

Sounds great! How can I get involved?

Everyone is welcome to apply. The more ideas we hear, the bigger difference we can make. If you’re not under 30, please do chat to at least one young person under 30 to help shape your idea.

Tell us about you and your idea.

Invitation to complete our online application.

Application is reviewed.

Successful ideas are awarded.

Your idea begins.

Tell us the change your idea made.

The Make Tiny Changes Fund isn't currently open for submissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money is available?

Successful Make Tiny Changes Fund projects will be awarded between anything up to £10,000 to help turn an idea into impact. We will share the stories behind these projects on our social media and blog.

Am I too young / old to apply?

Please apply! The Make Tiny Changes Fund is open to everyone. If you’re over 30, we’d encourage you to share your idea with at least one young person under 30 if you haven’t already, to get their take on it. We’re here to help throughout the application and project design process as much as we can.

How long does the process take?

We expect the process from idea to impact to take around 18 months, but it may be shorter. Once we have your idea, we’ll let you know if you’re invited to submit a full application. Full applicants have around four weeks to complete their full application, which should only take around 1-2 hours to complete.

How do you decide who is awarded?

We will not be able to fund every idea we receive. Once all of the applications are completed they will be reviewed by the Tiny Changes team and a small group of young people. Young minds are crucial in our decision making process to make sure that we’re asking the people who know best what’s missing for children and young people’s mental health in Scotland.

What do I need to give you?

If you are invited to apply for funding we will send you a link to the online application form which will detail all the information you need to fill out and provide.

What happens if my application is successful?

You will receive an email confirming your successful application. Funds will be transferred to your nominated bank account shortly after so you can get started. We ask that you keep us updated on your project and after twelve months tell us how you spent the money and what impact it had. If you need our help along the way we will be here to answer any questions or give you advice if you need it.

What happens if my application isn’t successful?

You will receive an email confirming that you were not successful with feedback as to why. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean your idea isn’t a good one, it just means we don’t think Tiny Changes can support you at this time. You are always welcome to apply again when we open up future rounds of funding.

What if I need more funding?

Please ask. If your idea is going really well but needs more money than you expected to make an impact then we want you to tell us. If we think a little more money will help then we’ll try our best to get it to you.

I can’t access the application form. How should I apply?

Email us at or or send us a DM on social media @tinychanges and we can help you out. We can listen to your idea over the phone if that’s better for you.

If you agree that investing in children and young people's mental health is more important than ever, let's be friends.

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