For Scott. Our son, brother & friend.

Marion, Ron, Neil & Grant Hutchison

May 2020

“Scott John Hutchison was our son, brother and friend. He was best known to most as the lead singer and songwriter in the band Frightened Rabbit. Through his music and art Scott made tiny changes that had a big impact. His honesty and openness about his own mental health inspired people from all walks of life. In May 2018, at the age of 36, Scott died by suicide.

Losing someone you love to suicide is one of the hardest things that can happen to a family. The fallout is indescribable and the sense of loss lives with you forever. Yet, strangely, amidst the emotional turmoil of the days and weeks following Scott’s death, we had an overriding feeling that something had to be done. We wanted to ensure that people no longer saw this as the only answer, or, better still, that there should be support in place to help with mental health challenges in the first place. Scott was always honest about his own struggles and we felt sure he would want us to use his voice to make a difference.

We had no idea how we would do this. ‘tiny changes’ were just words in a much loved song that fans of the band would all belt out at gigs but, little by little, our ideas took form and Tiny Changes was born.

We chose to focus on children and young people, in the firm belief that it’s the right of every child to have good mental health and the opportunity to lead happy and fulfilled lives as adults.

With our own personal experience of mental health as our starting point, we set out to build up our understanding of the underlying issues, talking and listening to people ‘in the know’, and soaking up their knowledge and expertise. We discovered that there were so many gaps in the support and recovery of children and young people in the mental health space, and we started to look at how we could help foster change.

The Tiny Changes family is growing all the time. We are supporting worthwhile projects from money raised, we are asking people to tell their stories as we have told ours, and we are pushing the boundaries to raise awareness of what needs to be done to make things better.

Together, we are making a difference. Together, we’ll make tiny changes to earth.”

We’ve been enormously inspired and comforted by your stories and memories of Scott. We’d love for you to continue sharing these to our memory wall by using #TinyChanges.





Scott’s legacy inspired a bold vision; to make young minds feel better. He was the light from which Tiny Changes was born and his personality and core values are at the heart of everything we do. We will be hopeful and brave when faced with challenges, and we will be honest and kind in how we communicate. We are determined to make an impact, and hope to do this in a number of ways.

Listen to people with experience

We don’t have all the answers. We don’t even yet have a full picture of the problem. So we listen to young people themselves, as well as established experts and those involved in existing work being done to help young minds. This is critical to the success of Tiny Changes in improving mental health services and support for young people.

Raise money and distribute it to support innovative ideas

We are incredibly grateful for the generosity of everyone who donates money to support Tiny Changes and we continue to work hard to raise more funds. Every penny donated is hard-earned and very much appreciated. This money will be spent wisely; in part by giving grants to people and groups supporting young people’s mental health in Scotland.

Talk to people who can make a difference

We are raising awareness of the importance of children and young people’s mental health. With the general public and also at senior levels of government, speaking truth to power so that we can change the path we are on. We will do this not as a family, or a Board of Trustees, but as a broad community of like-minded individuals, who want something better for the children and young people of today and tomorrow.

Meet the Tiny Changes Trustees

Marion Hutchison

Hello, I’m Marion. Neil, Scott and Grant’s Mum.

Losing Scott as we did left me with a deep sense of helplessness, but the outpouring of love and sadness following his death made me realise that he had left us a voice, which he would want us to use for change.

Since the launch of Tiny Changes, I have been inspired, not only by Scott’s life and legacy, but by other folk’s selflessness and desire to support our cause. I think that for many people, and certainly for me, as well as being a force for good, Tiny Changes brings Scott just a little bit closer, in a different way.

So thanks for that Scott and thanks for being you.

Neil Hutchison

I’m Neil, Scott’s big brother, and I am one of the founding Trustees of Tiny Changes.

My passion for the cause of young people’s mental health comes from a number of places. I have struggled with my own mental health in recent years, and I saw first-hand how Scott fought to stay well himself, as well as the devastation that followed his death. Also, I’m a very proud Daddy of three amazing children and I want their generation to grow-up to be happy adults with fulfilling lives.

Things that make my mind feel better include music, forests and conversations with my clever, funny, creative, mad wee kids.

Grant Hutchison

I am Grant, Scott’s younger brother and bandmate in Frightened Rabbit. I watched Scott struggle with his mental health at close quarters for years. After his death I knew something had to be done to change the course of our country’s approach to poor mental health and how we treat those who suffer with it on a daily basis.

I believe the best way to tackle this is to adopt an approach of prevention rather than intervention. Providing help, support and tools to provide the strength needed to navigate a full and healthy life.

Alongside my duties as a trustee I love to bang the drums, drink fine ciders and spend time with my wife Jaye, my daughter Sula and our wild dog Freddie.

Be part of something special

We do not underestimate the challenge that lies ahead. We live in a fast-changing and uncertain world and we continue to learn as we listen to your stories and ideas. Scott left us such an incredible legacy of hope for a better future, there is much work to do and we can’t do it without you. This is the beginning of our journey and we want you to be a part of that by helping us spread the word, raise money, share your stories, and demand change. We all want to make a difference and together our tiny changes can have a much bigger impact.

We are armed with the past and a will and a brick. Together, we’ll make tiny changes to earth.