Beach Busking with CC

Published on 17.10.22

9 year old CC is a Tiny Changes fundraiser from Edinburgh, Scotland.

A man sits on a wall playing the guitar, a 9 year old girl child is holding a microphone and smiling.


Armed with a microphone and a guitar, 9 year old CC and her dad Graham spent a summer afternoon fundraising for Tiny Changes.

The took part in the annual Edinburgh Big Beach Busk, a non-profit event that brings all kinds of ‘buskers’ to the city’s Portobello promenade. There are no rules: you just turn up, choose a spot and do your thing.

CC and Graham love to sing with each other, and this isn’t the first year they’ve busked on the beach together. Although CC admits to still feeling a wee bit nervous  before they start but as soon as she begins to sing, her worries melt away and she feels great!

Did you know? Singing can sometimes release a hormone, oxytocin, that is found to alleviate stress. Whilst listening to music can help to process feelings and emotions, and help you to relax.

The perfect charity to support.

A man sits on a wall playing the guitar looking at a young girl child who is holding a microphone.

The beach busk means a lot to CC’s dad Graham too. He vividly remembers being on Portobello beach the night Scott Hutchison went missing, and how impactful that evening felt as the news of Scott’s death was shared.

As father to a young daughter, and knowing how the pandemic has impacted the mental health of so many, Graham feels Tiny Changes is such an important organisation.

For them both, Tiny Changes was the perfect charity to support at an event based around music and community.


Thank you CC and Graham for sharing your tiny change maker story.

A young girl child smiles at the camera holding a card board sign that says 'Supporting Tiny Changes'.

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