What tiny change will you make?

Published on 15.02.23

Make Tiny Changes Month 2023

March 2023 is the first ever Make Tiny Changes Month – 31 days of fundraising to help young minds feel better.

We’re asking you, our amazing community, to set yourself a feelgood challenge and help us raise as much money as we can throughout the month.

Sign up for free here: bit.ly/MTCM2023

Some ideas up next!

Back of male figure walking outside surrounded by green hills and blue skies.

Sponsored challenge or event

Fitness challenges…

These are a great way to raise sponsorship from friends and can do wonders for your own mental health. How about –

  • – Run 100k in March
  • – Walk 300,000 steps in March
  • – Over 3,000 squats – that’s 100 a day
  • – Cycle over 100k in March
  • – Cold swim every day
  • – Climb Mount Everest. Use an app like Strava or Fitbit to climb up and down your stairs 44,250 steps to match the world’s biggest mountain.


Host your own tiny event…

Invite your friends, family or colleagues to donate when they arrive at your event. Time with others, even when you’re feeling like being alone, can help your mind.

  • – Living room gig
  • – 24-hour livestream
  • – Dinner party
  • – Games tournament
  • – Fancy dress party
  • – Quiz night
  • – Mini talent show or open mic
  • – 48-hour readathon

Personal goal and donation

If a sponsored challenge or event isn’t for you, why not set a more personal goal for yourself and donate to Tiny Changes at the end to keep you motivated?

Get creative

  • – Write a poem a day throughout March
  • – A daily photography or art challenge
  • – Practice your instrument every day or learn a new one

Keep moving

  • – Start every day in March with yoga sun salutations
  • – A daily exercise class or 30-day YouTube series
  • – Lift a PB at the gym every week
  • – Swim before work each day

I’ve always wanted to…

  • – Learn a new language
  • – Read those TBR books I’m always looking at
  • – Buy no coffees or takeaways this month and donate the money to #MTCM
  • – Digital detox before bed every day
  • – Go alcohol or smoke free for a month
  • – Journal every morning or night

Set & track your goal here: bit.ly/MTCM2023

Get together, find hope.

Whatever you choose to do, we hope you have fun and we’re here to support you any way that we can.

PS. Don’t forget to buy a special limited edition t-shirt to wear during your Make Tiny Changes Month challenge and… tag us in your progress photos and videos on social media!


Join the conversation and become a tiny change maker today.

This is just the beginning of the journey, and with your help we can make lots of tiny changes that lead to a huge difference in how young people are supported and listened to.

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