Introducing… The Sunday Sessions

Published on 18.06.20

Happy Sunday everyone, we hope you are all safe and well. Today, we have something exciting to share with you – the launch of our #SundaySessions!

What are Sunday Sessions? We’re so glad you asked!  Each Sunday, we will be bringing you a new playlist, curated by some of our favourite artists and music industry figures – and of course, our #TinyChanges Community! The aim of the Sunday Sessions is to inject a little light to your day by sharing some of our favourite tracks for you to enjoy!

Through uncertain times – the true power of music really shines and coming together (virtually) is more important than ever. With that in mind, we would love for you to share your #SundaySession tracks along with a photo or video of you jamming out. Whether you are having a dance party with the kids, a boogie outside on your exercise break or a DIY desk party- we’d love to see what you get up to during your #SundaySession! Simply tag @tinychanges and #Sundaysessions to get involved!

This week, we chatted to our team about the tracks they’ll be listening along to this week and we have some feel-good finds in store for you! Why not have a read and listen /  dance along to our first Sunday Sessions playlist available here.

Neil Hutchinson

‘Quick Escape’ by Pearl Jam.  

PJ are one of two touchstone bands from my youth (the other being Radiohead) and their new album has been generating lots of misty-eyed nostalgia during lockdown.  Never change, lads.

‘Dream 13’ (minus even) by Max Richter

Like all parents for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been home-schooling my kids, so my first task every morning is to get them calm and focussed.  I find ambient or dreamy piano music helps take the edge off the morning.  It was actually Scott who put me onto Max Richter.  I can see why he liked his stuff – very soothing.

‘Melt!’by Kelly Lee Owens

This is just a great track, whether you are stuck in your house or not. Best listened to loud.


‘I’m still standing’ by Elton John. 

This song has got me through a lot more than the last fortnight and his songs were the backdrop to a huge chunk of my life.

‘The Walk of Life’ by Dire Straits 

I’m playing a lot of music just now as I self isolate and heard it on the radio -brought back memories –  always loved that song.

‘I’m Going Slightly Mad’ by Queen

Queen are my favourite band – along with Frightened Rabbit of course-  this is not my favourite Queen song at all, but it sums up how I feel right now a lot of the time! Might resonate with some folk! ‘I’m going slightly mad’ by Queen!

Sophie Amono

‘Simply the Best’ by Tina Turner and The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly) by Missy Elliot

Last week I discovered music was going to be a big part of getting through the lockdown. I live alone and started to feel really alone so I ordered a speaker online so I could have afternoon discos in the kitchen. There are some proper talented women in music whose creativity inspired me even as a child and what better way than screaming ‘Simply the Best’ to myself after my 167th Zoom call of the day to lift spirits. Bit of power affirmation work to get out of a funk. Highly recommended.

Steven Oates

“Alive” by The Beastie Boys

Anything by the Beasties cheers me up, this one has me bouncing along beside the NYC skyline (in my head).

‘Keep the Car Running’  by Arcade Fire 

Because that’s about all I’m able to do right now.

‘Time Will Tell’ by Gregory Alan Isakov

‘Time will tell, she’ll see us through…’ makes me cry happy tears every time (also because this was our first dance song )

Lindsey Davidson

‘Play me Something’ Nice by Joesef 

For a sweet, soul filled Sunday, Glasgow artist Joesef is go-to for me. His track ‘Play Me Something’ Nice is a personal favourite! Whether you are working from home, heading  outside for your daily exercise or … baking banana bread, Joesef’s silky tones are guaranteed to help see you through.

‘Good Times’ by Jamie XX

Jamie XX – ‘Good Times’. A track that pretty much does what it says on the tin. This feel-good number brings back fond memories of festivals in the sun –  and a smile from ear to ear. All the way to 11 please!

‘Wild Wild Life’ by The Talking Heads

Sometimes you just can’t beat a classic. As a music lover, I find that I am constantly searching for hot new releases, however with a lot of listening time on my hands I have loved being able to rediscover some of my old favourites.

‘All My Friends’ by LCD Soundsystem 

An immediate picker upper of a song that envelops me with love and nostalgia. It reminds me of my warm and vibrant friends, who have made my life richer and more meaningful for being in it. One for the kitchen disco!

‘Tripp’ by Cloth 

Having this down time has allowed me to reconnect with music. I’ve been really enjoying seeking new music for pleasure again. I only discovered this band a few weeks before lockdown, but this track especially has really grounded me and made me feel so calm.

‘About Today’ The National 

It might seem unusual to have a song you enjoy crying along to, but this one always gets me. It helps me to reflect on all the big feelings I’m experiencing, and let them go.

The transition we are all going through just now is enormous, and there’s a real sense of loss around us. It’s important for me to sit with my emotions for a while, process them, then let them go. Crying is a healthy release and it’s okay just to sit and sob over Matt Berningers words for a while, right?


My friend Nick is actually making a playlist for each year from 1996-2020 and asking people to vote for their top hit to make the ultimate playlist.They are amazing – if you follow Nickhenry on Spotify you can see them all. A few blasts from the past for me were:

‘Say You’ll be There’  by The Spice Girls 

‘Torn’ by  Natalie imbruglia

‘Concrete schoolyard’ by Jurassic 5

‘Praise You’ – Fatboy slim

‘Overload’ – The Sugababes

‘Around The World’ – Daft Punk 

‘The Middle’ – Jimmy Eat World 


You can follow our Sunday Sessions playlist here. Don’t forget, whether you are having a kitchen boogie or a dance party with the kids- we’d love to see your #SundaySessions – don’t forget to tag @tinychanges and #sundaysessions to get involved!

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