Getting creative for Make Tiny Changes Month

Published on 07.06.24

Getting creative for Make Tiny Changes Month

A graphic designer, and long-time Frightened Rabbit fan, Kyle Mackay got extra creative for this year’s Make Tiny Changes Month, designing and printing the beautiful poster you can see above. ‘Square 96‘ is a follow-up to another poster Kyle made last year, called Lyrics In Colour, which he also sold online, raising £2000 for Tiny Changes in the process.

‘Square 96’ is available to order right now, and Kyle is once again donating all the profits to Tiny Changes, this time as part of our ongoing Make Tiny Changes Month campaign. “I love setting myself these creative projects, but it’s the generosity of people and seeing the changes their donations make which is the driving force,” Kyle says, when we caught up with him to find out a little more about his project. “There’s a feeling of gratitude based on the response my work gets and how supportive everyone is.”

“I love setting myself these creative projects, but it’s the generosity of people which is the driving force.”

Kyle Mackay

The whole process means a lot to Kyle, both because of what Scott and the band means to him, and also because of his support for the work that Tiny Changes is doing. “I’ve been a Frightened Rabbit fan for a while and although the origin of Tiny Changes is tough, I only see it for the greatness that comes from it,” he explains. “I know a few people my age who have had/are having a difficult time with mental health (I’m not exactly squeaky clean myself) but what Tiny Changes does best is give kids the chance to react to potential problems early. Back when I was in school, mental health didn’t seem to be as much of a thing. People talk more now and there’s help out there. If I’m able to contribute in any way (however tiny that may be), I will.”

Just like his last poster, orders are already flying in from all over the world for Square 96, and the sense of community makes it even more special. “I often end up chatting to people when they’re buying a print,” Kyle says, “whether that’s talking about Frightened Rabbit or talking about what Tiny Changes means to them based on their personal experiences. It’s all encouragement to work on projects like these.”

A massive thank you to Kyle for all his hard work and fundraising!

To place an order of your own, simply message Kyle via Facebook or Instagram.

The prints are 510 x 610mm (designed to fit a 20×24″ frame) and printed on a high quality 250gsm paper stock. The costs below include the print, postage, packaging, and a £20 donation to Tiny Changes:

UK orders with Tracked24 delivery: £30
International orders with standard delivery: £35
International orders with tracked delivery: £40

All posters will be sent rolled in a poster tube to ensure no damage/creasing is caused in transit.


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