December 2019

I have always been a FR fan from the beginning and never missed a FR gig. I made so many life long friends just going to the gigs and now those friends are like my family and the memories made at those gigs will stay with me forever. With Scott's passing it was clear that fans all over this planet were struggling to cope and I wanted to do something to raise money for mental health in his name.  I had previously worked with Scott

The Lewis Capaldi & Paolo Nutini intervention has finally come to an end. The story goes like this! Noel Gallagher called Lewis Capaldi Chewbacca, which in turn made Lewis wear a Chewbacca mask at his festival performance. The promoters from TRNSMT Festival auctioned the mask on eBay to donate proceedings to Tiny Changes. Paolo Nutini ended up buying it donating a full £10k to us then again auctioning it in Instagiving, which helped raise a total of £12,142 for Tiny Changes. Big UP for Noel, Lewis & Paolo for helping us #MakeTinyChanges.

How brilliant! We were so pleased to find out what these guys are up to: @make_tiny_changes. A wonderful set of stickers are on sale now with proceedings going to Tiny Changes. Make sure you visit & follow @make_tiny_changes on IG for a snazzy set of charitable stickers! 

Recently Tiny Changes was invited to attend the ‘We Can’ conference organised by The Mental Health Foundation which focussed on the mental health of young people with long term conditions. As an uncle to Morven who suffers from a genetic condition called cystinosis I found it very interesting to learn about the impact a long term condition can have on a young person’s mental health. There were talks from Audrey Kerr, a clinical nurse specialising in diabetes, Sejal Patel, a principal clinical psychologist in

This week is National Trustees’ Week in the UK.  I was surprised to read that there are over 1 million charity trustees in the UK, including 180,000 in Scotland. Charity trustees are essential for the smooth running of a charity (not least as regulators require you to have them in place) and are generally unpaid volunteers.  They are responsible for the governance of the charity and accountable to the relevant charities regulator for the running of the charity, safekeeping of charity assets and compliance with

When I heard that the brothers of Frightened Rabbit singer Scott Hutchison were launching a charity in memory of their brother and in aid of mental health I decided that I would like to contribute in some small way.  I had lost my younger brother (Ali) to suicide 7 years previously and hearing about the tragedy of Scott had really hit home. I had been a fan of the band for a number of years and to hear of another family being similarly devastated

Since we started this journey, we have been honest with ourselves and with everyone we have encountered - we are not experts in children and young people’s mental health. We have our own perspectives and we have a voice, but much more importantly, we intend to listen. So I have tried to accept as many invitations as possible to meet someone for a coffee, to go to an event, to speak to a professional or to hear about people’s experiences first-hand. This week’s exercise in