Become a Wavemaker

Published on 23.10.20



We’re Tiny Changes – a charity helping young minds feel better in Scotland. We’re creating a new group of like-minded ‘wavemakers’ that we think you might like to be part of. Read on to find out more.


1. Do you agree that mental health matters?


Yeah, us too. In fact we think it’s one of the most important issues EVER and not enough is being done to help young minds feel better.



2. Are you under 30 years old?

Our digital star Tomiwa is under 30 – she’s behind all the @tinychanges social media. We want to work with more young people… like you. Or can you pass this on to someone under 30?



3. Do you live in Scotland, or did you grow up here?

YEAH? Great place. 10/10. 😎




4. Are you fed up of young people’s voices not being heard, or sharing your ideas then not hearing if it made a difference?

Us too. We’re TOTALLY FED UP of decisions being made without young people in the room. We’re so over young people being asked for their opinions and stories but not knowing what happened next. We CBA with the excuse that bipoc/ disabled/ neurodiverse/ d|Deaf/ lgbtqia+/ other young people are ‘hard to find’.



5. And finally… do you have something to say?
(This is a trick question, there’s only one answer)

Hell yes you do. We all have something to say about the issues that affect us and mental health is no exception. If you answered yes to the first four questions, we’d love to hear from you. We’re ready to make waves with you.

Let's go.

  1. Email to express interest in becoming a Tiny Changes Wavemaker. You got this.

Here’s an idea of what a Tiny Changes Wavemaker will do. You don’t have to volunteer for all of these, unless you want to. ➡




  • Help shape our work and our social media. 💡
  • Fight for your human rights, and other young people’s rights too.
  • Make new friends who share your passions.
  • Advise our CEO and Board of Trustees.
  • Help us choose projects to fund that will help young minds feel better.
  • Enjoy free merch & perks like live music and events on us.
  • Speak to media (radio, print, podcasts, TV, video.)
  • Takeover our social media – our Instagram has over 20k followers.
  • Help us choose Tiny Changes influencers and brands to work with.
  • Have your voice heard by decision makers in Scotland and others e.g. the United Nations.
  • Update your CV with the waves we make together and ask us for a job reference any time.

Join the conversation and become a tiny change maker today.

This is just the beginning of the journey, and with your help we can make lots of tiny changes that lead to a huge difference in how young people are supported and listened to.

Follow us on social media, add your voice to the community and become a tiny change maker today.