Sunday Sessions – Week 4

Published on 19.06.20

“Kind Words are the Music of the World”

F. W. Faber

As you may have spotted on social media, last week was Mental Health Awareness Week here in the UK. Every year, throughout this week, the nation comes together to share their experiences and tips on keeping your mind healthy. The aim of this week?  To drive positive change towards a society that helps individuals live mentally healthy lives.

In response to The Covid-19 pandemic, the theme of this year’s #MHAW was ‘Kindness’ – which was one of our favourite themes so far. Here at Tiny Changes, we believe that tiny acts of kindness can have a huge impact. This week, we have loved hearing all about the acts you have been carrying out to make someone’s day, from smiling at passers-by in the street to letting friends know how awesome they are.

This week, our tiny act of kindness to you comes in the form of our latest Sunday Sessions playlist. As always, we have teamed up with some of our favourite acts and music industry figures to bring you a lineup of songs to help soundtrack your week. Why not have read and listen along to our latest Sunday Sessions playlist.

Poem I’ve Ever Written by HearThuG

“This track is built around someone reading the first poem they’d ever written, which is about loneliness. It ends up having a kind of naive beauty that resonated with me (John) in our current situation of being in powerless isolation.”

John Baillie Jnr - Bossy Love

Now I Know by  Gintis

“This song means an awful lot to me. The opening lines of ‘You’re my brothers and I love even though it’s not biological’ is very significant to me. Equally frustrated at having not written it as I am glad I can enjoy it from the outside.”

Bill Ryder-Jones

“I’m lucky that I listen to music every day as part of my job and I make music too, so there are always tunes I have swimming around my head… In lockdown for my personal enjoyment, I’ve been listening to lots of mellow music mostly and lots of jazz. I’ve chosen 3 quite different songs here though, and they’re all new. Firstly a song by Brooklyn songwriter Katie Von Schleicher which isn’t too mellow but full of amazing melody. She has a new album ‘Consummation’ out and this single just grabbed me – ‘Caged Sleep’ seems to ring true right now. The title of the M3ON track that’s up second is also timely. He’s a Scottish producer based in Brighton and such a talent – this track ‘Strange Vibes’ is like space-age nu-jazz for dystopian times and it makes me happy. My third and last choice is from the band I play in… CHECK MASSES. We are releasing our debut album ‘NIGHTLIFE’ soon, but we released this single “Lonesome Little Paradise’ on 20th March, and then lockdown was announced on 23rd!! Haha… Brilliant timing. Anyway, it’s a lovely little ear-worm that has kinda fallen through the cracks. It has been the soundtrack to the last few weeks for me, and the title & lyrics seem appropriate somehow too”

Vic Galloway - BBC Broadcaster, Author and Musician

Cry by Carousel 

“Every time I listen to Cry by Dundee Indie Rock band, Carousel it just reminds me of their gigs. I’m sure I speak for all music lovers when I say how badly I’m missing live music but this song, in particular, takes me back to happier times when Carousel played King Tuts at the start of the year. A cold pint in hand, belting out the chorus surrounded by my family and friends – gigs don’t get much better than! I’ve been listening to Cry a lot during the lockdown to remind myself that although we can’t attend gigs at the moment, just think how many bands we’ll get to see live when all this is over!”

Chelsea Ness - The Music Files

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