Spartans Making Tiny Changes

Published on 06.01.20

There is light, but there’s a tunnel to crawl through.

It’s a remarkable experience when someone describes exactly how you feel. It’s an overwhelming experience when someone tells you that it’s okay to feel how you feel.

That’s what Scott’s music means to me, and when I heard that his family were setting up the charity Tiny Changes I knew that I had found my motivation to put myself through another outdoor obstacle course race (this time, a half marathon “beast”).

Lewis and I had ran a couple of the shorter 5 and 10k races in previous years, to raise money for SAMH, and when James came on board for this year’s efforts we were set with our wee team of Spartans Making TinyChanges.

Our training went as well as it could, and with Frabbits Crosses eyeliner-ed onto our cheeks we set off to tackle rope climbing, fire jumping, monkey barring, and endless amounts of burpees over 21km in under 5 hours.

There were a few quiet moments, at the top of Kinnoull Hill or while patiently waiting for a turn to climb the 15 foot net, where we could pause and reflect on what we were doing, and why it was so, so worth it.

In the end we managed to pull together just over £2800 worth of donations from our generous friends, families, and colleagues.

We are thankful for their support, and we know that Tiny Changes will do great things for young people in Scotland.

Here’s a video we made of our race –

We’ve still got hope, so I think we’ll be fine.

Mike, Lewis, and James – Spartans Making Tiny Changes.

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