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Published on 08.06.21

Meet Harriet: she helps spread the word about Tiny Changes

You’ve met Kara and Sandra, now meet another member of our Tiny Changes team, Harriet! Harriet is our fantastic press lead, so take a break and read on to hear how she got involved in Tiny Changes and what motivates her…

“I love coming across stories of tiny change makers across the world who are doing their part to help, whether they’re Frightened Rabbit fans or those who have come across the charity in other ways. You’re all amazing!”

The Tiny Interview

Harriet, how did you get involved in Tiny Changes?

Tiny Changes found me, and I’m so grateful it did. I’ve worked in the music industry for over 10 years, and I was lucky enough to work with Frightened Rabbit across quite a few of their releases.

Getting to know the band and watch them play across the country (including some amazing hometown shows in Glasgow) were amazing experiences and I feel incredibly fortunate to have witnessed first-hand the love and joy their music brings people.

Following Scott’s death, Grant asked me whether I’d be interested in being involved in Tiny Changes. I jumped at the chance, not only to help Scott’s family realise their vision of helping the young people of Scotland, but because I’ve personally witnessed the devastation mental illness can bring to families, and what happens when the support just isn’t there. Helping young minds feel better is so important, particularly right now.

What does your work leading Tiny Changes’ press involve?

My job is to spread awareness of the charity wherever we can, across TV or Radio, national or regional newspapers, or podcasts.

How do you look after your mental health?

I take great joy in the outdoors, I love gardening, walking and cycling. If I’m having a particularly difficult day, getting myself out my front door makes the world of difference to my head space.

What artist do you immediately put on when you’re having a bad day?

Hall & Oates are my ultimate guilty pleasure. In fact, I don’t even feel guilty in my love for them as they’re just amazing. I took my mum to see them in concert a few years ago, and listening to them always brings back the best memories.

Tell us about a tiny change maker you admire?

We have so many amazing tiny change makers, far too many to name them all. In a really difficult year, there have been so many people getting out there to raise money for others and awareness of Tiny Changes. It’s always so inspiring to see their stories. A few recent change makers who spring to mind:

  • Adam from We Were Promised Jetpacks is preparing to walk 26 miles in NYC in aid of Tiny Changes and has raised over £2,300 so far. Folk can donate here.
  • Lauren has been swimming in the sea all through winter for Tiny Changes and has raised close to £6,000 so far. You can donate and cheer her on here.
  • 7-year-old Arlo and 9-year-old Angus and pal Susi raised over £1,400 walking the kiltwalk for Tiny Changes. Heroes!

Any exciting announcements we should be keeping an eye out for in 2021?

Soon we’ll be announcing the first awardees of our Make Tiny Changes fund. Awardees of the first fund are based in the Scottish Borders, the home area of the Hutchison family. I can’t wait to announce some of the amazing funded ideas we have lined up, and to start focusing on the next round of funding.

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