SHHH… a 24 hour silence for Tiny Changes

Published on 07.06.22

To date, we’ve funded over 50 projects by donations from people just like you. The Tiny Changes community is powerful and we hope sharing stories will inspire others to fundraise and donate too.

If you’re able to share our blog or donate to a Tiny Changes fundraiser page, please do. Whether you send us £2 or £20,000, each donation goes a long way in helping young minds feel better. We’re so grateful.

8 year old Arlo is a Tiny Changes fundraiser from Montrose, Scotland.



This is the second time this tiny change maker has raised money for us, and we’re so happy to see children enjoy learning about charities.

Arlo’s hobbies include playing Nintendo, Lego, making funny videos, and doing challenges.

Arlo was friends with Scott (aka “Uncle Stock”), and only remembers falling asleep at Frightened Rabbit shows and soundchecks. We asked him what his favourite Frightened Rabbit song is, but he cites Boney M’s Rasputin as being his favourite song ever. 

Did you know? Giving has a positive long term impact which spans across our lifetime. Research shows that the act of giving releases feel good hormones that contribute to better mood and improved physical health.

'I'm being quiet for Tiny Changes because I want to help other children be heard.'

A conversation with his Mum about ideas for challenges spurred Arlo on to make his most recent challenge a fundraiser for Tiny Changes. He did a 24 hour (1,440 minutes) sponsored silence, raising £599.

Arlo’s fundraising target was £150, so he smashed it out the park! Arlo communicated through notes, but only when really necessary. Well done Arlo!

You can read more about, or donate to Arlo’s challenge here.

White paper with black text that says 'laughing is not talking' in a child's handwriting.


Thank you Arlo for sharing your tiny change maker story.

We have tiny change makers across the world helping young people in Scotland by funding our national small grants programme. Without the ambition, enthusiasm, dedication and love from our fundraisers, we wouldn’t be able to do this important, early mental health work.

We want to hear more stories from our fundraisers – it motivates us on our hard days too. 

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