Cyclist Andy’s Iceland Challenge

Published on 05.07.22

With bags of stamina, motivation, and enthusiasm – but only one very small bag on the back of his bike – fundraiser Andy Shea is cycling 1,550km around Iceland to help young minds feel better. Everything Andy needs to survive the next fifteen days of his self supported cycle will be with him on his bike – food, drink, clothes, and accommodation (he’s camping out most nights).

A cyclist stands by his red bike. He is wearing a grey cycling helmet and sunglasses. They are standing in front of a green field.

Hot mental health tip: Cycling has a relaxing effect on the brain. It can help you to feel calm and improve your overall wellbeing. A great way to “zone out,” and you can use it as a form of meditation too.

In his own words

“When I was thinking of an epic adventure challenge, Iceland was an immediate location in mind. I already knew the cycling route and the challenges and amazing back drop that it would provide me. It was also a very feasible – but challenging – distance. The ring-road route that I am tackling worked out to be a nice 1,500km. Which, tackled over 12 days of riding would pose a serious but achievable challenge.

The first Frightened Rabbit song I ever heard was ‘Keep Yourself Warm’. From that moment I was hooked. Scott’s lyrics and emotive, dark vocals just resonated in such a real way. His ability to properly reflect the toil and troubles that I often felt in life made me feel connected and supported in a way that no other music ever has.”


“Scott’s music helped me in so many ways I want to be able to give back to his legacy and contribute to the support that Tiny Changes funds.”


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A Red Bike sits on grey tarmac packed with bags on the front and back

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